The Prayer

She sat on the steps of her front porch and lit a cigarette.  She inhaled greedily and raised her eyes to the starless sky.  Sometimes she missed stars.  The price you pay to live in the city.

“God,” she began in a soft shaky voice that was slurred with whiskey, “What the fuck am I doing? I’m 25 years old, a fuckin bartender, no kids, no man.  I have three degrees I can’t do shit with.  I’m a god damned alcoholic.  I cant keep doing this but”

Tears began to slide down her cheeks as she choked on her words

“I don’t know what to do. Please. Help me. I don’t know what the fuck to do.”

She wiped away her tears and finished her cigarette.  Then she stumbled to her room, poured herself another shot, and cried herself to sleep.

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