Where I’m From

I am from paper plates

from Play-Doh and Prometheus

I am from the deer eating apples

(Seemingly calm yet poised to run)

I am from the geode 

that hides its beauty beneath a sturdy exterior

I’m from Tostones and colored eyes,

from Terri and Eduardo

I’m from the ask your mothers and manana, mananas,

From don’t let them see you cry

and I will love you no matter what.

I’m from my HP 

who is kind and understanding yet stern

I’m from Fontana, Cuba, Africa, Italy

Espresso and pot pie.

From my sister whose DNA will never match

The endless patience of my mother.

On the fridge is a magnet

of a boy in a soccer jersey

But look a little closer and you’ll see

It’s not a boy, but me.

And at night as I toss and turn

I am soothed by the jingle jangle

of bronze and silver medals

From a time when things were simpler

Just wind, breath, feet, and Tartan

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